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Metro ExpressLanes is making changes to its Clean Air Vehicle Policy starting March 1, 2019:

Customers with a clean air vehicle (CAV) displaying a valid DMV-issued red or purple CAV decal are eligible for a 15% discount off of the posted rate on the I-10 and I-110 Metro ExpressLanes. To qualify, eligible CAV decal holders must first register for the discount on our website at www.metro.net/expresslanes/cav.

All clean air vehicles must set the switch on their FasTrak transponder to indicate the actual number of people in the vehicle for a given trip. CAVs are no longer allowed to use the 2 or 3+ transponder switch settings unless that many persons are present in the vehicle. Any CAVs incorrectly using the 2 or 3+ switch setting without that many occupants in the vehicle will be subject to CHP citation.

  • Other CAV vehicles
     (including those with yellow, green or white CAV decals) will not be eligible to receive any CAV discounts.

As a reminder, all vehicles traveling on the I-10 or I-110 Metro ExpressLanes must properly mount a FasTrak transponder. Carpoolers must have a FasTrak Flex (switchable) transponder that is used to indicate the number of occupants in the vehicle.  Eligible carpoolers with a FasTrak Flex set to the proper position can continue using the Metro ExpressLanes toll-free.

For more information please visit metro.net/expresslanes/cav.

Your continued choice to use the Metro ExpressLanes is greatly appreciated!

Metro ExpressLanes Customer Service

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